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Monthly Archives: October 2013

As an INTJ personality-type (just Google it), I am in my own head A LOT.

Always thinking.

Turning a situation over in my head this way and then the other.

I love learning new things and even once I learn a lot about a certain subject, I’m off learning about something else. I see possibility in everything.

Instead of having all these thoughts and visions of what I think I could do in my future; or how I could best serve my church or local non-profit….. I wish I could just be happy in the moment I’m in!

But I can never leave well enough alone… my head won’t let me.

I often wonder, does God ever see all that’s going on in my head and just throw up His hands thinking ‘Just make up your mind, woman!”.

Any other INTJ’s have this problem too?





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