Don't be scared just cuz I'm from Jersey | I'm a Christian Wife & Mom that just wants to share her daily walk with Jesus; love of country, family & faith.

I’m a Christian Wife & Mom living in Tennessee, but a Jersey Girl at heart. Love Jesus, my family, reading, listening to music. I am a Pinterest junkie and just discovered Project Life scrapbooking. I’m looking forward to sharing my faith, what God shows me daily through work/play/family; anything cute my 4 cats and 2 dogs do; Christian books I am reading. and Bible studies I’mimmersed in.

Don’t forget. Just cuz I’m from Jersey doesn’t mean I have big hair and an attitude. Well.. definitely not the big hair.. at least not anymore.

Professionally speaking, I have a little over 17 years experience as a Group Travel Agent specializing in church & missionary/humanitarian travel.  I have helped hundreds, if not thousands.. of missionaries to get to where they need to spread the Good News of Christ around the globe.  I am humbled and awestruck when I get to hear their praise reports when they return state-side.


🙂 -Kari


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