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I sincerely am jealous of my daughter’s generation that doesn’t know what it was like to wait an ENTIRE MONTH to read about your favorite bands in the pages of Metal Edge magazine.

Metal Edge Magazine

Metal Edge Magazine

She won’t have to ever stalk the magazine displays to find out where her favorite band has performed over the last month. Or go page by page for HOURS reading each article… every caption… EVERY glorious photo. But this Momma did! Kip Winger was seen where? Doing what? Oh.. that happened a month ago… no worries. 🙂

Flash forward to today… I can not only find out what my favorite band is doing tonight.. I can watch them play fetch with their dog; see their favorite funny cat video compilation; or see a picture of their dinner plate!

Is it neat to feel a ‘part’ of the life of your favorite musician when they share things online… sure. But in small doses. Maybe I actually miss pouring over that magazine and the ‘filtered’ life I saw on those pages. There’s no filter today… we’re all in Reality TV mode.  If ‘it’ happened somewhere, chances are someone, somewhere is seeing it in real time, or will see it when the video goes viral.

Yeah… I really do miss the ’80’s.



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